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Shoreham Harbour

There were two trips on Mark Vale’s Charter Boat “She Likes It II” even thought a stiff south westerly breeze made it difficult to get much further than a mile out of the port – but there were loads of mackerel caught and even a couple of Gurnards.
In addition the Light Rock fishing sessions in the Port Canal produced Smelt, Wrasse, Blenny’s Schoolie Bass and a number of other mini species. Everyone caught fish and the whole day was thoroughly enjoyable.

Angling Trust Sussex Marine Co-ordinator Tim Macpherson said of the day “it was great to see so many families coming along and even better there were more girls than boys in attendance – which follows a recent trend of an increase in female anglers in Sussex. We’ll certainly repeat this coaching day again as soon as we can organise it.”

A big thanks Reg Phillips for organising both days it, Graham Cridland for providing kit and coaching, Mark Vale for taking youngsters out on his charter boat free of charge and of course Julian Seaman at Shoreham Port.

The idea of the sessions is to encourage more youngsters to take up angling, to get outdoors, be active, enjoy the natural environment around them and have fun! They are also an opportunity for sea angling to demonstrate the huge social, cultural and health benefits that it brings to local communities.

David Mitchell, the Angling Trust’s Marine Campaigns Manager, said; “Support from local anglers and clubs for our work getting more youngsters into fishing has been fantastic; two clubs, Hove Deep Sea Anglers and the South Coast Angling Club, have already donated prizes from a raffle to help us provide fishing tackle during the coaching sessions. We’ve consulted sea anglers in Sussex over the last eight months and are now pleased to be delivering on one of their major concerns – a lack of kids getting into sea fishing.”

Angling Trust charter boat member and skipper of She Like’s It II, Mark Vale, said: “I am very pleased to be involved with this event. I believe it is a great way to introduce and encourage people of all ages, but especially youngsters, to the world of angling. There are many benefits that can be derived from this great sport.” Rodney Lunn, Chief Executive at Shoreham Port commented,“We are delighted to be able to support the Angling Trust coaching sessions. It is vital that we continue to encourage young people into the sport. This is an excellent opportunity for people to learn a new skill and hopefully begin a hobby that they will enjoy for many years to come”.

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David Mitchell - Angling Trust

David Mitchell

Mark Vale - She Likes It II

Mark Vale