• Angling Trust is awarded grant funding for Sussex angling signs

    The Angling Trust Sussex Marine is one of seven organisations awarded grant funding for designing, printing and setting up signs at prominent angling locations along the Sussex Coast to inform anglers about minimum legal and recommended fish sizes and legally protected/threatened species.

    Sea-Changers is a charity with the mission of raising thousands of pounds for marine conservation charities,

    Tim Macpherson, Angling Trust Director and Sussex Marine Region Organiser says about the grant " this will enable us to implement our plan to provide guidance for anglers, particulaly those visiting the area, so they know what fish they can and cannot take for the table. It will also provide information about minimum sizes. It is all part of our ongoing campaign to protect our endangers and overfisjhed fish stocks".

    The Angling Trust are also in talkjs with the Sussex IFCA about collaborating on the signs to include other fishery regulations.