• Angling Trust buys shares in Hastings Pier

    The Angling Trust, through the Sussex Marine Region, is pleased to announce that it has bought shares in the Hastings Pier Community Share offer. The Trust is also in discussion with the Charity about access for anglers on the newly built pier and how to integrate the needs of anglers with the general public.

    The Share Scheme is part of the fundraising effort the Charity is promoting to raise the final £500,000 which is required to finish the job of resurrecting this once great local amenity.

    Angling Trust Sussex Marine Region Organiser Tim Macpherson says of the move “it is very important that we make sure that local anglers have proper access to what was once a great fishing venue attracting hundreds of anglers through-out the year.

    We are in discussions with the Charity about ensuring access for anglers and are planning to help with the fundraising by organising a high profile angling event. I can remember fishing on the pier when I was a kid and I’m keen to help in any way we can to reintroduce this opportunity to the next generation of anglers”

    For more information please contact Tim Macpherson on 01424892287 or email angling@sussexanglingmedia.co.uk