Meeting of the Sussex Marine Region in Shoreham 7th May 2013

The Angling Trust Sussex Marine Region held it’s third meeting at Pebbles on the Port in Shoreham. The meeting was attended by Tim Dapling, the man who runs the Sussex IFCA, and he fielded a host of questions from anglers – most concerned about the effect of Commercial Fishing on Bream and Bass stocks in the area. There was also a robust discussion about Marine Conservation Zones.

The Angling Trust is the representative body for game, coarse and sea anglers in England. Our members support the campaigns and legal action we carry out to protect fish stocks and our programmes to increase the number of anglers fishing for fun and in competitions. We're fighting for the future of YOUR fishing, but we need YOUR support to do more. If you want to protect your fish and fishing, for now and in future, join your representative body today.

The Angling Trust campaigns for:
Protection of angling
Increased government and EA support
Control of nuisance predators
Co-ordinated action on poaching and fish theft

The Angling Trust delivers:
More quality coaches from diverse backgrounds
Angling education programmes
Increased opportunities to participate in angling
National and international competitions
Support for angling club development

The Angling Trust fights:
Pollution, over-abstraction and litter
Declining marine and freshwater fish stocks
Commercial overfishing
Habitat Degradation
Damaging barrages and hydropower schemes
Poaching and fish theft
Spread of diseases and parasites
Access restrictions
Anti-angling campaigns

Seven Sisters at the Cuckmere rs

The meeting also heard about the many initiatives taking place in Sussex and organised by the local regional members including two new young anglers clubs, in Bexhill and Shoreham, the specially arranged Mullet Master-Class and a special membership recruitment incentive featuring a raffle to win a trip Bream fishing.

Pebbles on the Port

The Sussex Marine Region is currently engaged in crteating a number of exciting initiatives for anglers in Sussex. In addition to the Bream and Mullet trips we are also planning other initiatives including Light Rock Fishing expeditions, Smoothound and salt water fly fishing masterclasses. Look out for more information on this site

For more information about the Sussex IFCA and its work click the link here

Sussex IFCA

David Mitchell, Angling Trust Marine Campaigns Manager explains what the angling Trust can do for sea anglers and the reasoning behind a Sussex Region

Tim Macpherson, Publisher/Editor of Sussex Angling, interviews David while on a recent fishing trip at Dungeness. Following the success of the Bexhill Sea Angling Festival and subsequent Region meeting held in November David talks about the benefitsof anglers working together to address the many issues facing UK sea angling.