Following a recent meeting of between the Sussex IFCA and the Angling Trust Sussex Marine Region where the issue of catch records for Black Bream during the breeding season were discussed we asked Littlehampton Anglers what information they would be prepared to provide.
The Sussex IFCA want to collect information about what recreational Sea Anglers are catching on the Kingmere so they can better understand the movements of this fish. This data will also inform any further measures realting to Black Bream stock management in Sussex waters.

The following sets out the kind of information on Bream catches that as I understand it you suggested you would be comfortable providing:
1. Period of data collection – April to July
2. Total number of trips to the Kingmere during this period
3. Total number of trips where Bream were landed
4. Total trips were no bream landed
5. Total number of male fish over 35cms landed
6. % of fish returned alive
7. Locations within the Kingmere
8. How much money is spent on each fishing trip including Fuel, bait, tackle, travel expenses and other relevant costs.
For anglers who want to take part in this research then we will supply a simple form which you can use to record the information and then when it comes to the end of the period you can send this information to me at the Angling Trust. We will then collate it and before anything is released to the Sussex IFCA we will present the aggregated information back to you at a meeting. The data will be split into 2 categories charter boat and recreational boats.
From this we can then get an idea of the balance between economic and ecological impact of anglers as well as getting an idea of bream numbers. The economic argument is crucial in convincing people that any restrictions would have an impact on the economy of Littlehampton.
The Angling Trust does not want to impose any data collection on anglers – we just want to make sure that if anglers fishing the Kingmere, and surrounding waters, are willing to take part that any subsequent data recorded is interpreted correctly. There is always a risk when providing this kind of information about catches that someone will use it against us. It is our intention to prevent any misinterpretation and I have made this position perfectly clear to the officials at the Sussex IFCA.

For those who want to put more pressure on the IFCA committee who actually make the decisions (as opposed to the Officials who recommend and carry out) then you can write to them. Their contact details are here The Angling Trust will be contacting each one of them shortly about this – the more pressure they get from us the better.

Black Bream and the Kingmere Reef MCZ

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