Kingmere MCZ Consultation

A notice has been issued by the Sussex IFCA (see below) regarding the consultation process for the implementation of a By-Law for the creation of the KIngmere Marine Conservation Zone.

Sussex IFCA Marine Protected Area Byelaw and associated Kingmere Regulatory Notice consultation.

Thank you once again for participating in the Community Voice Method MCZ management workshops.  Further to our extensive informal pre-consultation with the community on 1st Tranche MCZ management measures, final Kingmere MCZ management has been developed by the Authority.
Sussex IFCA is currently formally consulting on a Marine Protected Area (MPA) Byelaw and associated Kingmere Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Regulatory Notice. Please visit our website at for full details of each, together with the Impact Assessment and information on how you can comment. The consultation period closes on 7th October 2015.
The proposed byelaw and regulatory notice establish a framework for the management of commercial and recreational fisheries within MPAs and specific measures for Kingmere MCZ. Provisions within the byelaw enable a structured approach for management of all fishing activities in MPAs through the application of individual Regulatory Notices that are subject to review, based upon best available evidence and appropriate public consultation. The Regulatory Notice provisions ensure fishing activities meet Natural England’s conservation advice for the Kingmere MCZ and enable sustainable access through restrictions on specific activities, within defined zones and periods.
Sussex IFCA welcomes any comments and thanks you in advance for contributing.
Final management measures formulation for Beachy Head West MCZ will be undertaken next as a matter of priority.

The notice can be found on their website here ( and also includes links for the associated documents relating to the bylaw (, the regulatory notice (, the Impact assessment ( and the Map ( illustrating the various zones and the restrictions which will be imposed on various activities.

As those who have been following this process closely will know the Sussex IFCA has been consulting a wide range of stake-holders, including recreational anglers. The Angling Trust has been closely involved in the process along with individual anglers and the charter boat skippers who will be directly affected by the proposed regulations

As you can see form the map below the area has been divided up into four zones
1. Zone 1 which will see a total ban on all activity during the breeding season
2. Zone 2. Which includes the Kingmere Rocks - angling activity will be allowed all year round subject to a 4 fish limit
3. Zone 3 (the Paleo channel) allows angling all year round – but will also allow trawling OUT of the breeding season.
4. Zone 4 which will also allow angling throughout the year.

We would urge anglers to study these documents carefully and if you wish to make a representation as part of the process then please do so by contacting the Sussex IFCA here [email protected]

The Angling Trust will be giving its response after consultation with local anglers. The Sussex IFCA have worked very hard to get to this point through some detailed discussions with the various groups and we would recognise that the end result, while not being perfect, or satisfying everyone may well represent the best options for both conserving the Bream stocks on the reef and maintaining sustainable and economically vital activities in the area.

When making responses we should all bear in mind that the original recommendation from Natural England was likely to have been a ban on all activities during the breeding season across the whole zone – so this proposal does represent significant concessions to the angling community despite areas of concern, which the Angling Trust will highlight when be giving its response - after consultation with local anglers.