Cuckmere Clean Up

Cuckmere Clean Up March 1st 2014

Anglers turned out in numbers on Saturday March 1st at the Cuckmere Haven to participate in a beach clean-up following the recent storms. The clean-up had been suggested by Brighton-based angler Craig Gosling and the Angling Trust Sussex Marine Region helped organise the event.

It was a beautiful day on the beach with the sun out and spring in the air but evidence of the floods was still apparent. Even before the group reached the shingle of the beach, the first signs of litter left behind by the storm surge was found.
Upon reaching the beach plastic sacks were handed out and litter grabbers allocated and the group split into 3 groups to tackle the bird sanctuary area, the strand line along the beach and the estuary.

It was not long before groups of filled sacks started to build up as did piles of fishing net fragments and ropes of all sizes ready to be collected by the rangers for disposal.

The winter storms had collected all manner of plastic, metal, wood and household and personal items alongside the fishing materials. Shoes, crates, signs, bic lighters, bottles, plastic bags and much, much more was scattered all around.

After a long morning's work and several large piles of full rubbish sacks it was pleasing to see several areas showing a real difference but there was plenty more to do along the middle of the beach. Luckily there was another group planned for Sunday who could target that (the Friends of Cuckmere Haven organise a clean-up on the first Sunday of every month at 11.30am - meet at the Old Barn).

We shot a short video of the mess - which goes right across the floodplain and into the salt marsh. There is also debris in the Ox Bow lake and it is very likely that with so much sea water having been washed into the lake that many of the fish that live in there will suffer.
Apologies for the quality it was shot on an Iphone and the sound was muted beacuse of wind interference