The Angling Trust is a campaigning organisation and in Sussex we aim to run campaigns which will have a real impact on angling and fish stocks. We welcome input from all anglers on what and where we should be campaigning , so if you want to get involved with or start a campaign then please contact us at [email protected]

Black Bream still from video cropped

We are currently running a campaign to ensure that Black Bream stocks in the English Channel are properly preserved in addition to keeping up pressure of IFCA and other official bodies to ensure the newly designated MCZ's are properly policed.

In addition we will be lobbying hard for other potential MCZ's to be designated, including Beachy Head East,an area arguably more valuable than the Kingmere.

We will also provide more information on local angling related isssues inclujding publishing the minutes from the local IFCA meetings and letting anglerrs know of upcoming issues within the county